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Script for a short telugu love story


Fade in:


We see a crowded college canteen. Students are seen chatting and laughing. We focus on VARUN (20), a handsome and carefree college student. He sees a beautiful girl, LAKSHMI (19), sitting alone at a table.


(to himself)

Who is she? She's beautiful.

VARUN walks up to LAKSHMI and sits down at her table.


Hi, I'm Varun. What's your name?




They start talking and soon they realize they have a lot in common. They start spending more time together and fall in love.


Varun and Lakshmi are seen holding hands and walking around the college campus. They are happy and in love.


Varun's family is seen sitting in the living room. Varun walks in with Lakshmi.


Mom, Dad, this is Lakshmi. My girlfriend.

Varun's parents are shocked and don't approve of their relationship. They tell Varun to break up with Lakshmi.


Lakshmi's parents are seen sitting in the living room. Lakshmi walks in with Varun.


Mom, Dad, this is Varun. My boyfriend.

Lakshmi's parents are shocked and don't approve of their relationship. They tell Lakshmi to break up with Varun.


Varun and Lakshmi are sitting at a table, sad and dejected.



I'm sorry, Varun. We can't be together.



I know, Lakshmi. But I'll always love you.

They hug each other and cry.

Fade out.

The end.


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